Comment Trees and digital news.

I had one of those ’2 in the morning thoughts’ last night about another way to take my research. I think the important thing about my time working on NewsGather was that the research itself could’ve taken me down quite

One great image and Video for NewsGather

100 words: NewsGather is a tool designed for journalists to filter through citizen news sources as a story develops. ‚Äč Since the birth of the internet, journalism has drastically changed. In the past, journalists could spend months researching, but the

Percentages redo

“Adaptive” – A Critical Reflection

If I had to describe my final year in one word I’d choose ‘adaptive’. At the beginning of this year I had just come back from a fantastic internship with REASON in which I had the opportunity to explore my

A progression of the interface.

This is a timeline summarising the concept changes and interfaces changes as time progressed through the design and tech stage.

Javascript Function for creating stream

This is going to be a short blog. I’m getting into the gritty side of the programming now and there isn’t an awful lot to update until its actually done now. I’m generating the streams in javascript and filling divs

HTML Filter code structure

Just to give you an idea of my filter structure in HTML and what calls what externally. Theres going to be a few script functions within the HTML page itself but a lot of it is going to happen outside

Breaking down a JSON call back.

So this is a callback for a JSON search from twitter. You can see how much useful metadata is actually stored with in. Date of creation, id of the tweet on the twitter servers. The text of the tweet, user,

Getting my data. [PHP+JSON]

I think the most important part to start talking about code side is actually pulling the data. I want to start with twitter, I feel that twitter itself has a really good API, despite being a lot more closed off

Gif of Interface + interactions & Influences + negative experience trends

I made a gif to share with you what I’ve been working on. I know the location picker is the old version, this is mostly due to the filter concept being already done when I started this gif. This shows